Ebbers - Pooth Steuerberatung

Even when the company was founded, the aim was
to form a team of highly competent colleagues and employees
who use their ability for the service of the clients,
in order to achieve common objectives.

The law firm was established in 1984 by the business economist
and tax advisor, Josef Ebbers. Within a very short time, he formed
a team of highly qualified and dedicated employees.

To round off the integrated consulting services, GPM
Unternehmensberatung and the law firm Höing
und Partner were established. Together, we acted as
in an advisory capacity for small to mid-sized companies

After the sudden death of Josef Ebbers in 2007,
his son-in-law, Marcus Pooth, a graduate in business administration,
who had been working in the law firm since 1995, took over the law
firm with its existing specialist staff. Together with his partners from
the management consultancy company and the law firm, he is
continuing the consultancy group in the spirit of its founder.

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