Tax is a highly-complex and often troublesome issue for both private individuals and companies. With our tailor-made solution concepts, we are happy to relieve you of any uncertainty and worry.

Our range of tax advisory services includes:

- Compilation of tax returns, both commercial and private
- Tax optimisation and profit maximization for private and commercial assets
- Tax assessment comparisons
- All kinds of correspondence with the tax office
- Out-of-court judicial remedies, including appeals, amendments etc.
- Enforcement consultancy in the case of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings
  and audits
- Representation before the finance court
- Defence against inapplicable and/or excessive tax inclusions in private and
  business tax
- Checking of tax statements
- Consultancy and support in structuring inheritance and succession matters
- Support and advice in tax-related criminal cases

The combination of experience and expertise gives us that added extra.

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